Monday, March 29, 2010

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When we got back home from running errands the sun was going down and the sky was so very blue. We love living in San Diego and we love coming out of our apartment and being able to see the water.

I was at JCrew last week exchanging a sweater that pool mamma gave me (pool mamma is just that wonderful!) and I saw this mannequin, I loved the outfit so I took my iphone and snapped a picture.

And then I imitated the outfit. I had a hat earlier but then I lost it =/ and i had a necklace but it's hiding behind the shirt haha. But what is really exciting is that I was able to wear shorts!!! It was so nice and warm, 74 degrees to be exact, and I was so excited to wear shorts again. K didn't want to be in the pictures today so we skipped him but he'll be back tomorrow with a big smile!


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