Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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We've spent the last two days in Palm Springs, where Pool Mamma and Pool Pappa live (my mother in law and her wonderful husband). It has been a great time, but when I was invited to a hike I thought the trip was just going to turn sour haha.

I am not a big fan of hiking, there is just something about not being able to just walk into a store and buy water when you are terribly thirsty that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. So when K's sister Angie, Lulu her husband, and our beautiful nieces invited us to one... well I must admit I was a bit worried about how fun it could be.

We went to Indian Canyon, we wanted to see why Palm Springs has that Springs part on its name, and we discovered the beautiful answer to that question.

Troy and Tanice (friends of our brother and sister) came with us, in the picture you can see them all a little bit ahead of us.
Isn't my sister in law beautiful... I am excited to meet my kids, good genes!

I got some kisses from Mads, our oldest niece, for being a good sport.

Lulu, Sophie Jo, and my K
I have to say it was a nice hike, we had a good time, and the view of the city was beautiful.


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