Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Meet Faith... she's the one girl not looking towards the audience haha.
This is Faith's mommy Katie, isn't she gorgeous? no wonder the girls are so incredibly cute
Meet Cara

She was Margaret, Alice's sister from Alice in wonderland
Meet Jonah
Cara lost her two front teeth recently and she looks even more adorable now

Cara & Faith are sisters and the daughters of our pastors and they had their performing arts night, so K and I and a few of our friends had to go and see what the girls had been working on, and clap as hard as we could for them.
They did an amazing Job, and we got to see our other friend Jonah who was the caterpillar. It was so nice to be there, K and I really had a great time. The girls had the biggest fan group and thank goodness our friend Tranica remembered to bring flowers for them.


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