Friday, March 26, 2010

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You know how my husband loves football and supports all teams? Yeah it's no different with basketball. Alayna and I were cooking and my K "couldn't" help because he had to watch the game. Our kitchen is so tiny it worked better that way. He was yelling, wearing an Ohio state shirt, rooting for Xavier. We will see many college shirts in the next few days even though the guy went to the University of Washington. Crazy husband!
Alayna is a great cook. Me, well, I am not a great cook... heck who am I trying to fool, I am awful. Alayna and had been cooking for 3 minutes and I had the kitchen on fire, literally. Thank goodness I was able to put the fire out before it became too serious. She made one of my favorite dishes, stuffed bell peppers. I think I know how to make them know, let's just hope I don't destroy the kitchen when I attempt to make them on my own.


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