Monday, June 6, 2011

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Two years ago my last name changed and I started a journey of oneness with a man with whom I fit perfectly. I hear people talk about how ridiculous and preposterous the idea of the one is, and in silence I am filled with gratefulness for I met my one, I smile knowing that I can't deny my husband is perfect for me in all his imperfection. 

It's only been two years and day after day we recognize there is still much to learn; day after day we recognize we can't honor the amazing gift the Lord has given us by bringing us together, apart from Him; day after day we strive to honor God with our marriage; and day after day we are reminded that we were brought together to give God glory; the company, love and the indescribable ecstasy we get from being with one another is just a marvelous consequence of obeying His call to marriage and beyond that to a marriage devoted to Him. 

I cannot express how blessed and honored I feel the Lord chose me to be K's helpmate and companion for the rest of his life. These two years have been the most outstanding gift and they are but a small portion of a life walked next to the one who calls me bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. 

 I love you husband; two years ago I became yours and I will forever be.


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