Sunday, June 19, 2011

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Happy Father's Day daddy! 

My dad is the most fun dad, I have so many incredible memories with him (Este, Oeste, Este, Oeste, Oeste, Oeste or el sonido de la carretera haha).

A few years ago when a few people were asked to share with me their favorite thing about me, half of them said they loved my relationship with my dad. I never knew it was something out of the ordinary, I thought it was just how dads are. Sadly I've come to realize that's not true, my dad is a special kind of dad, the kind of dad that will pick up his phone at any time of the day (or night) to listen to me cry, or complain, or rejoice; and who will give me a piece of wisdom and love that will trade all sorrows and complains into opportunities to give thanksgiving to God. He always said he tried to treat us the same way he saw God the Father treat him. His efforts were not in vain, not once have I doubted his love or protection, not once have I questioned his discipline or correction, not once have I worried about his provision; my dad is a wonderful, outstanding, out of the ordinary, award winning dad.

When I was growing up (and up until I was about 22), he used to blow his right cheek, both my sister and I knew that meant he was asking for a kiss, and today I wish I could see his cheek go round so I could kiss him to thank him for what a wonderful father he is, and how blessed I am to have him on my speed dial. 

I love you Daddy, next time I see you I gotta get a round cheek!!

I love you Willie, you are the best dad in the world


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