Thursday, August 12, 2010

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We have a house in Vegas and our renters were not being the best renters in the world (in fact they were trying to get the worst renter in history award). Due to that fact me and K had to go back to Vegas on Monday and until Thursday early early morning. But we didn't leave before attending a beautiful wedding and taking pictures there.

Our friends Karolyn and Josiah got married it was a beautiful wedding and I'll upload more pics soon. For now just those two (my hair looks weird but it looked pretty in person haha).

So yeah I am aware of the fact that those dresses make me look shorter because they cut right below the knee but they are just so cute I can't resist. That particular one was free so hey I can't complain right? Anyways we'll be back to posting more often for posterity once life gets a little bit more calm.


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