Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Since I got married I have been wanting a one piece bathing suit but amazingly finding a cute one has been quite the challenge. I've tried so many of them without even being close to liking one I had lost all hope.

Thank God I have husband with me, earlier this week when we were in Malibu we walked by a Juicy Couture and he made me go in and for bathing suits. Well it turns out they only had one. No, not one style, one bathing suit all together! I thought it was a waste of time to even look at it but husband insisted and they came with the cutest pink bathing suit, and it was my size!!!!

I finally have a cute one piece bathing suit and instead of paying full price for it ($190) we ended up paying only $60 because it's the end of the summer and my husband's charm works everywhere. I took a picture to get my sister's opinion and since she approved I thought I could share it with you.


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