Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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These are K's feet

This is Kris.

I blurred the image because I haven't asked K or Kris about putting their weight out in the web for all to see. I'll ask them and I might update the pictures. Bottom line is we decided to start recording our weight last night and we will be recording weekly. K and Kris want to lose weight, I want to keep mine.

I gained weight after I got married and then I lost way too much, now I gained some again and I like the way it is right now. We are keeping each other accountable and as soon as Kris and K are all for it pics will be up and you guys can keep us accountable too! I think I will start recording measurements too, we'll see if the guys like that idea!

My picture is not up because K took it and it is completely out of focus, we will take new ones and I'll upload them all!


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