Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Baby L #2 - Week 41

Weight - +29 lb 
Inches - 
13.5 inches 
Like -  
Still truckloads of lemonade
Dislike - Nothing I can think of

After all the weight loss and the thinking Emliana was too small I ended up getting scheduled for non-stress tests every 3-4 days so twice I went and both times the results were the same, little E is as healthy as they come. Even though she is considered small, she's within normal ranges. One of the doctor's even said he thought she wasn't all that small. 

I stopped throwing up this week which was nice. I have been walking as much as I can, but the sciatica pain, and pain in my upper thigh makes it hard to walk too fast without scaring people around me, if I make a small noise people think i am going into labor. I guess that's normal when you are carrying an enormous watermelon belly around. 

Even though I am past due I have been feeling great, I have had a lot of energy and haven't really felt down or anything. At night I am pretty exhausted which I think is normal since my body is working hard all day. But aside from that I feel pretty comfortable. 

Sneezing and coughing have proven dangerous as I may or may not pee my pants when those things happen. Emi also jumps happily on my bladder sometimes and I have to stop wherever I am to cross my legs because I feel like I am going to wet myself. Caleb has been having fun laughing at that. 

Emiliana is still quite active, she just never really stops, I think she sleeps in the early afternoon when her sister is napping too, but aside from that I feel like she's awake all day long. Her most active times are early morning, and between 9pm and midnight. 

She also gets the hiccups a lot. 3-4 times a day sometimes. I love feeling the hiccups, I just stop and stare at my bely going up and down. 

This week I had a lady chase me down the street to say a lot of strange obscene things at me, she was screaming and I was so confused. I turned after she got really aggressive and asked her to shut up in the name of Jesus and stop following me, and she stopped moving but ket screaming, however a man crossed the street as I said that and stood between her and I and told her to leave me alone. It was the strangest thing and quite frankly it made me really uncomfortable, mostly because I thought she was going to attack me and well I am 41 weeks pregnant here. As I was talking to Caleb about it afterwards he made a good point; you can't call your baby a name that means rival of darkness and not expect to get some kickback from the darkness. I know Emi will bring light to many places and she will do so courageously. 

Ok, last week of pregnancy here we go. 


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