Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Baby L #2 - Week 39

Weight - +29 lb 
Inches - 
13 inches 
Like -  
Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade
Dislike - Throwing up

So I have been throwing up a lot, a lot, a lot. Sometimes it is so violent that I end up getting contractions. One night this past week I ended up having contractions every 5 minutes lasting 1minute and 20 seconds. I thought I was in labor but two hours of that and then they started getting less frequent and less intense and I knew it was not time yet. All the throwing up has me looking sickly haha, but I am fine really. 

We were able to finish most of Emiliana's room this past week. It is such a fun thing to do to plan their rooms, and fold their clothes, and imagine them in their little dresses and occupying their own space. It is different this time around, I have a vague idea of what to expect, I know I'll willingly spend sleepless nights with her and I'll snuggle her while sitting in her room and dreaming of what she will be. I know I'll smell her too much, and try to memorize every little thing she does to no avail because she'll do too man amazing things. Imagining Emiliana while doing her room has been an interesting time, we just dream of her, as her older sister dances around the furniture. 

At our doctor's appointment this week we were told yet again that Emi is too small, so it looks like she's below 10% which simply means I am not eligible to have her in the birth center. I can still have her with a midwife and in labor and delivery but babies below 10% and above 90% are considered high risk so I may have to head to regular labor and delivery which is not a big deal. They still want to do an ultrasound to discard any problems even though they don't anticipate any, due to the price of the ultrasound though we are hesitant to get it, we know she's completely fine. 

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