Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Baby L #2 - Week 40

Weight - +27 lb 
Inches - 
12.5 inches 
Like -  
Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade
Dislike - Throwing up

So we went to the doctor and I lost 2 more lb which they don't like much, so they did a small ultrasound and a non-stress test to make sure Emiliana is doing well. After checking everything and being in the hospital for way too long they realized she was completely fine, all the throwing up is making me lose weight, and apparently I have an umbilical hernia (which they say should be fine after I deliver). 

Emiliana was asleep when we started the testing so they gave me cold water and asked me to eat so she would wake up. Once she woke up she started kicking a lot and her heart rate spiked at 173 and stayed pretty big for a while. The nurses were laughing because she was acting like she was mad they woke her up. 

I haven't been feeling anything new really, she is just comfortably in my belly waiting to come whenever she's ready. I am not anxious either or anything, I feel like we are right on time and we are doing great. I think having an expectation that she was going to be late made this wait so much better. 

We have her room pretty much done, minus a few decor items that we can't buy right now it's pretty done. All her clothes have been washed, her bag is ready to go, we are now just talking about her a lot and to her a lot more. I am so excited to meet her, but I am also treasuring the time I am spending with her, soon she won't be in my belly and I won't get to feel her violent kicks anymore. 

I have to go for monitoring every 3-4 days, so they will continue to check me. 


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