Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Antonella Week 45
Even though we have known for a couple weeks, this week we decided to tell the world Antonella, Caleb and I are adding a member to our family, and he/she will join us in February 2014. 

This week Uncle Lulu and Auntie Ang were visiting, so once again Antonella was spoiled and loved on more than usual. She went to the beach 3 times this week, hence the beautiful olive skin tone. Both Angie and I were so good at putting sun screen on her, she didn't burn, I on the other hand went to the beach once and what do you know? I burned! me! I am brown! I was so focused on Antonella I didn't put anything on me. 

The beach was fun, she made friends, ate tons of sand, played in the water and tanned. It is crazy for me to think that in Antonella's eyes the beach and the beauty of San Diego are going to be normal, I still feel like I am on a perpetual vacation.


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