Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Week 27 Weight - 11 lb
Inches -
9.5 inches
Like - 
Lemonade and croissants
Dislike -
Nothing in particular

Emiliana moves so much, it's crazy how active she is. I can see her over my skin when I am laying down. Caleb feels her every day at night and talks to her for a bit before we go to bed. I really think she is more active than Antonella, which is kind of interesting considering Antonella NEVER stops moving now.

My sciatica pain is pretty bad at night, but Caleb is amazing at massaging my leg which helps a lot. The weather in San Diego is changing finally and it looks like we are finally dealing with fall weather which is really nice. I am trying to get creative with my clothes, but this belly is so much bigger and wider than A's was that is proving to be a challenge. I still fit in many of my jeans, and a lot of my shirts, but any things are getting really uncomfortable. We'll see how I do for the rest of the pregnancy.

Emiliana feels so much heavier than I remember Antonella feeling. My back hurts like it never did at this point with A, but it could also be because I am carrying an 18lb mini toddler around. I am not throwing up or feeling nauseous at all anymore, which I love. I still feel a little tired but I think we can blame that on A too.

I can't believe I am almost in my third trimester, it has gone by pretty fast, and I am anticipating it going faster with the holidays here. Crazy, I'll have two babies in no time.


Semana 27
Peso - 11 lb
Cintura - 9.5 pulgadas
Like -  Limonada y croissants
Dislike - nada en particular. 


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