Sunday, April 4, 2010

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This little girl and her family came to the Egg Hunt and had a blast. Her two brothers left with Easter baskets and i had to snap a picture of her playing with the eggs, isn't she adorable?

K after the Egg Hunt with our friends the Vega's. Look at Julia's pixie cut, I know about 4 women that can pull that off, she is by far one of them!

Today we went to church at 815am, it was Bunny Bash day! We were so excited about the bashing of the bunny and the Easter Egg Hunt. I actually didn't get pictures of the bunny pi├▒ata that got bashed because I was doing a video but I got some of the Egg Hunt. You can see Husband in the Egg Hunt picture helping some kids out, he's such a good man!

Since I was the one with the camera today no pictures of me were taken, so K took a few when we got home after dinner, I wore a cute purple cardigan for church but I also rode my bike home and was too hot to put it back on so pics went out with no cardigan. Those are the shoes I got, I cheated, they were a phenomenal deal, they were 60% off an then they gave me a little scratch card that gave me an extra 25% off so I ended up paying less than $40. I am getting the money back as a gift, I am so spoiled!

On other news we felt an earthquake here in San Diego, it was actually quite scary, 7.2 in Baja California, lasted for 40 seconds. My K was at the store getting pies for dinner and I was home alone waiting for him, I wish he would have been with me, but I am really grateful nothing happened to him, or any of our friends. I guess the year round sunshine has it's price.


  1. I love the stitching detail on those heels... so freaking cute, who makes them?

    haha, and that second picture is absolutely adorable.

  2. Thanks! They are Steve Madden, the stores have them at a better price than the online site, so if there is a store around you I'd try that first =D