Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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So my friend Alayna would not stop about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. A new show about a British chef that went to America's unhealthiest city and started a food revolution with the school district and some families. She loves to cook and even though I do too I thought it was a food show she was texcited about but I wouldn't like. But then 3 more people told me about it and one of my favorite bloggers wrote about it and I kept hearing about this Jamie Oliver dude. So last night K and I watched an episode and we loved it so much we had to watch the next one. The show is really good, it prompts you to action, it makes you not only want to raise healthy children but also start a revolution somewhere, K and I wanted to go out and start something! Extra bonus; when the show is over you can't help but talk with a British accent, need I say more? go to Hulu and watch it, you will love it.

Ps. Alayna I am sorry we didn't listen in the first place, we will trust your judgment from now on

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  1. thank you!! Jo you should know by now that I am amazing and thus the things I say and like are equally as amazing :) luv ya!