Thursday, April 22, 2010

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My K and I went to Crest Cafe a few weeks ago on a Saturday night and when we saw the soup of the day was apple brie soup we ordered a cup without hesitation. Like everything else there the soup was outstanding.

K works most Saturdays so we haven't gone in a while which prompted me to find the recipe and make the soup, no big deal right? wrong!
I googled the amazing soup and before you knew it I was grocery shopping, brie, apples, celery, onions, cumin, ginger, flour... I was going to make this soup happen and it was going to be awesome, a milestone in my cooking career!

So I started following the instructions, everything was going great, saute, mix, add flour, heat, whisk, puree, I was a Colombian Julia Child people, my cooking skills were going to revolutionize the culinary world and impress millions.

The last step was to throw the brie in the soup and let it melt, I did my job, and started mixing the brie but after a few minutes nothing was melting, it just looked odd and definitely not appetizing. I waited longer, waited a bit more and then waited for a few more minutes and the brie had not melted yet, so I started to feel like Jo again, Colombian Julia Child was slowly disappearing.

After a good 15 minutes I noticed the soup looked weird and smelled even weirder, so I turned off the heat and asked k to try it. Him being the lovely husband he is told me the soup was actually not that bad, but I see the disappointment and disgust in his face. So I tried the soup that made my mouth water at the sole thought of it and all the confidence in my cooking skills vanished as I realized I had burnt my creation, the soup sucked.

I'll try again, and I'll let you all know how the second shot at the apple brie soup goes. Wish me luck!


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