Sunday, March 2, 2014

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Baby L #2 - Week 42

Weight - +31 lb 
Inches - 
14.5 inches 
Like -  
Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade. I can't have enough
Dislike - Coughing

We patiently waited and waited and waited and waited and Emiliana never came. At our last doctor's appointment we were told Friday at 9am Emiliana would be induced. So I hope she would come before that and as the days got closer and closer to Friday I realized I was so scared to get induced. What does being induced even mean? how does it look like? will it make the contractions worse? crazier? easier? 

On Thursday night I texted a few of the ladies I always text when I need prayer and I asked them to pray (all of this while laying on the floor because my back hurt, crying because I was scared). And within minutes I felt peace, I just suddenly knew it would all be fine. Caleb came home, prayed with me and then took Antonella to give me some time by myself and I sat in Emiliana's living room dreaming about the insane reality that it was the last night of my life with just one daughter. 

Caleb got home, we did all the things we do before we put Ant to bed and then we talked to her for a while about what was going to happen the next morning, and she talked her beautiful gibberish back and then started dancing to the music we had in the background. For the last night in Antonella's life she was going to be an only child. 

Most nights in life are pretty uneventful, but  the night of Thursday, February 27 was beautiful. God moved me from fear to absolute rejoicing and excited expectation within minutes and I went to bed knowing Emiliana was more His than she will ever be mine, and my life was about to be more colorful and beautiful by her arrival. 


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