Monday, May 10, 2010

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K's grandma has been in the hospital for the last couple of days due to a stroke, so Mother's day was spent at the nicest hospital room (I think grandma's hospital room is bigger than our apartment) playing monopoly with pool momma and pool poppa. For lunch we went to Roy's, a hawaiian fusion restaurant that has outstanding food. We told pool momma about Words with Friends and we spent the time at lunch playing each other, the hostess that took our picture laughed at us.

After lunch we went back to the hotel hospital room and played monopoly for a bit longer, until grandma said she wanted to rest and sleep. Thank God grandma is doing good and she should be out of the hospital and into a medical facility were she will receive 24hr personalized attention by tomorrow.

K and I have been blessed with tons of moms, so yesterday we made all of our calls, told them all we love them and for the rest of the year we will keep thanking God for our various sources of incredible wisdom. We love you all very very much!!!


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