Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Monday is our day off, and we love being able to spend the day together. Yesterday K came up with a great idea, he thought we could ride beach cruisers to the harbor, get on the ferry, go to Coronado, ride around in Coronado while we sang the soundtrack of West Side Story, have a picnic by the pacific ocean and then when we told pool momma about our plan she reminded us we had to dance, dance to each others music.

So just like that we had a phenomenal day off and we put an outstanding dancing performance for the city of San Diego. San Diegans and so did the two ladies sitting behind us that could stop laughing.

The day was beautiful and today not only do I love San Diego more than yesterday but I love my K more than I ever thought I could love somebody.

As far as the outfit it was not ideal for bike riding but it was cute =D... I was asked by my husband to change into tennis shoes every time we were riding so I just carried the sandals in his backpack, having an understanding husband is the best!


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