Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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We had so much fun celebrating Emi's birthday. We had a circus party because adding her made us the Luehmann Circus so we had to! In the midst of it all it was simple, we had corn dogs and popcorn and peanuts. Also some cotton candy, animal lollipops and sticks that matched the colors haha. That's it. It was in the afternoon before dinner and after lunch so we didn't offer an actual meal. We had boxes of candy and bubbles for the kids, and the most amazing cake made by our friend Maria.

We had so much fun, and Emi loved the corn dogs, she was eating one the whole time, it was adorable because it took her 2.5 hrs to finish eating one haha. A lot of Emi's friends came and though we missed a couple it was fun to see all the babies who are turning toddlers hang out and play together. It was a fun day altogether!


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