Sunday, January 4, 2015

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 photo Week44_zps5c3d4dd9.jpg

Emi is now an official walker. She started taking steps here an there a month ago, but now at 10 months, she's a super pro. Ok not really, she falls a lot but she's been walking more and more and for longer distances.

The girls have been sleeping together and doing amazing. I love that they share a room, I can't imagine all the adventures they'll get to share together. Emi is still an eating machine. She loves loves loves food and will eat every time something is offered to her. She seems to be a little bit less attached to me, but she is still super attached to me. I must be on sight at all times haha. We are growing out of it. She has 2 teeth up top plus 2 poking through, and 2 at the bottom, and a third one popping through at the bottom.

She also starting having these rough spots on her skin, we are changing some food and trying to figure out what it all is. 


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