Saturday, September 22, 2012

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When you work at a church and your birthday falls on a Sunday you know you have to have a low key birthday. And when you want a low key birthday, it all works out perfect.

I've never liked drawing too much attention to myself on my birthdays, no, it has nothing to do with aging or things like that, I have no problem being 30, it's just uncomfrotable for me to have too much attention on me on my birthday. So when Caleb asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday I told him the truth, spend time with my family. 

On Sunday we went to church, people hugged me and gave me gifts and after Caleb arranged for us to go to lunch with a few of my girlfriends to Craft & Commerce. They had a Crème brûlée for me with the 30 on top of it and we got to celebrate my 30th birthday and Antonella's first 30 days (we were both born on the 16).

My girl friends had people write what they appreciate about me and they put it all in a journal so I ended up crying while reading all the amazing, sweet things people had to say. 

As usual my birthday was perfect, I am loving 30.


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