Thursday, March 8, 2012

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The last month has been absolutely amazing. As you know my beautiful Colombian is pregnant with our first child and it is such a fun time. I know people who have had babies, some of whom have had these horrendous pregnancies where certain smells of foods, or scents of people will make them nauseous or even cause vomiting. I'm not just talking about one time either, numerous times. But, I have been absolutely blessed that my wife has only vomited over the smell of my breath 1 time!! Honestly, we laughed about it in the end but these are things you can't prepare for. It was a crazy day when that happened.

From my point of view this pregnancy has been fantastic in comparison to many other peoples pregnancies. Now that is my point of view, JO is the one who had to deal with throwing up for a few months, and now has a baby that is growing and is kicking and punching her abdominal wall constantly! She is a phenomenal pregnant wife.

One of my greatest joys is going through this with JO. When we first heard the heartbeat of our baby was a moment we have forever. The first time we got to see ultrasound pictures, UNBELIEVABLE! And today we went in for our ultrasound that revealed the gender of our amazing baby! It doesn't only give us the gender of our baby, it reveals the name of our child because we already have our boys name and girls name. So, here you go......the gender of our baby and our babies name IS................we still don't know because we had the ultrasound lady write it down and stuff it into an envelope that we gave to our dear friends the Millers so they could find out what and who our baby is! Who does this? The suspense is crazy for 18 weeks to find out what you are having and BOOM!!! you wait four days to find out yourself so you can share it with the rest of your family at this incredible Baby Gender unveiling party that you are having. It actually still sounds crazy to me that we are waiting, but I am honestly thrilled that we will get to share it with both of our families (who can and will probably be watching online) and our close friends. I can only describe the anticipation as a child who sees all of their presents under the tree on Christmas eve but has to still wait a day to open the presents, oh another good example would be this. Pretend your wife is pregnant with your first baby and the sex of the baby is in an envelope that your close friends get to open, but you still have to wait four days to open? (just imagine it).

The parts of the ultrasound where we got to keep our eyes open (they were closed during the parts when ultrasound lady was finding out babies privates) was so very cool. We got to see the babies ankles, spine, and face when the crazy child wasn't hiding under their hands. I learned a new word, transverse, meaning that our little one finds it fascinating that they can lay sideways in moms belly so they can just chill back and relax for a minute. That answered JO's recent questioning of why her super tiny pregnant belly looked a little odd.

I can't explain how excited, and how blessed we are by God for this little miracle. We are looking forward to each and every day of pregnancy and parenthood. Keep checking out the blog for more pictures of JO's baby belly, and stories during this amazing period of life.


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