Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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We had such a great time camping. Our camping site was beautiful and the weather was amazing!
Me and my K decided to bring our air mattress and if fit nicely in our tent. The Brinkman girls loved coming to bounce on it.
The view from where our tents were was amazing, sunsets were just gorgeous.
We went hiking the first morning and ended up running into a nice road that took us all the way down to the lake.
Meals were always wonderful. Cooking is fun by itself by when you are camping it is awesome, everyone helped and then we sat together for great meals!
We played croquet, took long naps, read under the shade of trees and played horseshoes. Me and my cousin had never played so it was interesting.

And then we ran into some skunks and were really cautious not to upset them.

Every night we made a nice fire, some s'mores and made up stories. I think that we will do this again, as long as you are fully prepared it is a great time!


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