Sunday, September 28, 2014

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7 Months today!

Emi scoots, stands, says dada, doesn't sleep through the night anymore and wakes once. She is going through a little bit of separation anxiety and wants me to hold her if I am around, but once she gets over it she crawls and moves all over and plays. She doesn't like being left alone in a room, loves showers and baths and kisses. She really likes to snuggle and sleeps a lot better if someone is close by, but we refuse to co-sleep =). 

She makes funny noises and imitates some things we do, like tapping tables, or certain noises. She reaches for me every time she sees me, and she loves loves loves sweet potatoes and carrots. We mix her favorite orange foods with green beans and peas and get her to eat some greens.

Antonella accidentally gave her rice milk and she also got a hold of a water bottle and drank a bit. She didn't seem to be bothered by either, at least not as much as I was haha.

She is pretty fun and happy and easygoing and I love what she adds to our little family.


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