Sunday, June 29, 2014

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  photo AMP-Luehmann5yearanniversary19of64_zps1825458f.jpg

 photo AMP-Luehmann5yearanniversary1of64_zpse0058728.jpg

 photo AMP-Luehmann5yearanniversary21of64_zpse3e53f5e.jpg

 photo AMP-Luehmann5yearanniversary35of64_zps56208d22.jpg

 photo AMP-Luehmann5yearanniversary33of64_zps1a21a5ec.jpg

 photo AMP-Luehmann5yearanniversary48of64_zpsa5ca0ef8.jpg

For our anniversary Caleb got pictures of both of us with Alex from Alexandra Marie Photography. He knows how much I love pictures and how much I love Alex' eye, I love that guy =).


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