Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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I grew up seeing my cousins all the time, ALL THE TIME! And I remember having so much fun with all of them. I was the oldest grandchild, the next one was my sister, and then a whole bunch of others all a year apart. I remember planning games, and bossing them around, and fighting, and getting in trouble, and laughing, and playing. I loved growing up having so many instant friends.

Antonella is growing up in a city where we don't have a lot of family. We are so very fortunate she has her church family (who love her just like a cousin would), but there are days I get sad because her cousins are all so, very far away.

I am grateful for the times she gets to spend with family, and seeing her with Titus was such a joy. He wanted to come close to her and she didn't really know how to play with him. I am looking forward to future Button visits where Titus will be older, Antonella will be older, Sophie and Maddie will be older; and they will be able to interact so much more. While that takes place I will smile looking at these pictures, I love them.  

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