Saturday, December 1, 2012

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I seriously need to get my act together! This is Antonella at 15 weeks. I could not for the life of me find the camera, or my makeup for that matter, so her 15 week pictures are iPhone pictures. I'll upload more soon when I can steal my husband's phone and upload more.

Antonella is a pro at rolling over, and she started to learn to roll back on her tummy. She is a pro sleeper too and her naps have gotten a little better even though she still fights napping with fierce passion. She talks all day long and moves all day long, Caleb says she reminds her of me with her busy-ness but I don't know. 

Having a baby is fun, it comes with work and you are tired and have less time for yourself, but it is fun and a great blessing. Caleb and I sometimes look at her sleeping at night and we can't believe God gave her to us, she is so perfect, so sweet, so amazing. 

Soon all this moving will be over and I will be back at posting more consistently. In the meantime enjoy the iPhone pics. 


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