Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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 photo Baby3_2_zpsulvuy5m5.jpg

 photo Baby3_1_zpsybsnzuw1.jpg

 photo Baby3_belly2_zpsjqvi4u7r.jpg

 photo AMP-LuehmannAnnouncement34of100_zpssrocgt42.jpg

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 photo AMP-LuehmannAnnouncement86of100_zpsw74ndr5r.jpg

 photo AMP-LuehmannAnnouncement80of100_zpsxzopvpp9.jpg

One more baby!!! We are so excited to add another baby to our life. We love our family and we love being parents so the news are thrilling and fun for us. I can't get over how beautiful my family is, I can't get over how blessed I am. We have crazy days, rough days, but every night we go to bed and think "this is a good life." God is good and he has been faithful to His promises to us. We know the journey has just begun and we are looking forward to what is ahead while enjoying today.

Baby # 3 we can't wait to meet you and see what kind of fun you add to the Luehmann Circus.

Photo Cred: The incredibly talented, has never taken a bad pic, Alexandra Marie. I honestly don't think she could have done a better job, she exceeded our expectations yet again. We love love love Alex! 


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